The Election of 2008 is OVER!


It’s finally over. It always seems to feel that way come Presidential Election Day here in the states. After months and months of non-stop campaigning and debating and character assassinations, we have a new president. Despite how any of us wanted it to work out, a colleague of mine summed up the result quite eloquently:

Gruss Gott wrote:

No child anywhere in the World will doubt that with hard work they can be President; if only they have democracy like America.

America has just peacefully overthrown its existing President and replaced him with a black dude with an arabic sounding name.

Let there be no doubt that America is the greatest idea in government that the World has ever seen and that the people of America have tonight fulfilled its founders genius and shouted it to World.

Congratulations America!

Now we must earn the opportunity we’ve given ourselves.


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