Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Social Media and Finance – Making it Work for You!

It's been a long year. Well, almost a year since I last posted. If any of you were keeping track of that. When you...

Attract Customers and Traffic with a Business Blog

You might think that with all you have to do running your business you have no time to start and maintain a blog.  But...

NutshellMail – Social Media Updates in a “Nutshell”

NutshellMail, recently acquired by Constant Contact (a service that has matured over the years), simplifies monitoring. Whether you're using social networking for personal reasons, business or both, this program allows you to simplify your monitoring of those networks and save a lot of time and trouble.

Watch Out Foursquare Here Comes an Arch Nemesis: Facebook

Uh oh Foursquare, perhaps you aren't as safe as my nephew, colleague and fellow Social Media Marketer, Scott Rich, thinks you are. I just...

The BIG Hootsuite news: Hootsuite University!

Hootsuite just announced that they are opening up the Hootsuite Professional Program today on the back of their Team Collaboration Webinar held April 14,...

My Social Media Kick in the Pants

I came across a pretty good blog post this morning looking for permalink do's and don'ts from my pal Vicky over at PrairieHarpy. The...

Postling's Potential

I spent a few 10 minute bundles this morning playing around with Postling to see if it was a usable service. There are definitely...

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