Saturday, January 29, 2022
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Social Media and Finance – Making it Work for You!

It's been a long year. Well, almost a year since I last posted. If any of you were keeping track of that. When you...

Attract Customers and Traffic with a Business Blog

You might think that with all you have to do running your business you have no time to start and maintain a blog.  But...

Watch Out Foursquare Here Comes an Arch Nemesis: Facebook

Uh oh Foursquare, perhaps you aren't as safe as my nephew, colleague and fellow Social Media Marketer, Scott Rich, thinks you are. I just...

My Social Media Kick in the Pants

I came across a pretty good blog post this morning looking for permalink do's and don'ts from my pal Vicky over at PrairieHarpy. The...

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