Social Media and Finance – Making it Work for You!


It’s been a long year. Well, almost a year since I last posted. If any of you were keeping track of that. When you manage a couple hundred websites and projects for numerous other people, personal projects and blogs tend to fall to the bottom of the priority pile. The same old story of the cobbler’s kids never have any shoes.

Since it’s time to wake this blog up and shake the dust off it, I felt a guest posting would be the perfect thing to feed the machine. Kathleen had contacted me a long time ago wanting to be able to write for this blog so what follows is her awesome article on how she believes people can utilize the internet to either make money online or even search for a job. I hope you enjoy and if you do let us know! In the meantime I shall be getting some more posts ready to go. 🙂

Social Media and Finance – Making it Work for You!

With the trend of going on-line all the time, one is led to think in the lines of “how can I make a living out of this?” or “Is there money with going on-line all the time?” or better yet, “Can I manage my finances, while surfing the net?” The answer to all these questions is an unequivocal YES! With the help of social media and the net, you can really change the course of your financial life with the flexibility and ease, all you need is a laptop or computer and an internet connection and voila! Here are a few examples where you can really amp up your financial standing with the use of social media networks.

– Online Selling – this has really changed a lot of people lives, since with the ease of networking, many people have been able to trade wares and really make a living out of it, especially for the ones who have decided to stay at home, to take care of their families or for those who have decided to quit the rat race, this is really a lucrative way of making a living while at the comfort of their humble abode. This is also an easy way to advertise since there you already have a network that you could build on, it can either come from your personal page or you can create a different page where this could focus on the wares that you intend to trade or sell, may it be clothes, food, gadgets etc.

– Blogs and Articles – this is really one of the perks of social media, especially for all of the budding writers out there who would want to use their talents and make a living out of it. Social media is really a great avenue to pave the way to get work since there are a lot of companies who link their websites to social media networks.

– Job Search – most companies are utilizing the use of social media in advertising their job opening since they know that a lot of people are online and spending a lot of time in social media networks. This is one avenue where they could tap the market, making this an advantage to job seekers who would like to find a job and relative secure and stabilize the financial aspect of their lives.

These are just a few of the many ways that social media networks are changing the way people are securing and preparing themselves financially since there is really no limit on how one can make a living with the help of the internet since it only takes a laptop or computer and a stable internet connection and the passion to succeed to make it really work.

Kathleen Hubert is a blogger who writes on a variety of different sites. Check out more of her work at Laptop Computers.


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