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SocialAdr BannerA fellow marketing friend of mine turned me on to this today. And boy oh boy was I glad he bothered me in the middle of a conference call. One part of marketing on the Internet that absolutely drives me bonkers: social bookmarking.  You hear all over that you need to do it to help your pages rank better and to drive more traffic to your site and share all your information, etc etc. It’s true.  But there’s a problem:

It’s incredibly boring!
Tedious. Causes Carpal Tunnel …

…. well it might if it’s all you did all day. LOL! Is there anything more mind-numbing than clicking through to site after site after site and pasting in links?  I can’t stand it.  Makes my brain go mush.  It’s so bad it makes me want to give up and not do it, even though I know it will help my sites.

That’s why I’m glad Pogul (my marketing pal) told me about SocialAdr.  Suddenly that terrible task is crossed right off my list and I don’t have to feel guilty about not doing it.  SocialAdr is a new service that completely automates the process of getting my pages on the social bookmarking sites.

It’s totally revolutionary in the way it works: they have hundreds of users, an army really, that are all waiting to bookmark MY pages on their own social bookmarking accounts.  All I have to do is put in the pages that I want bookmarked and the rest is taken care of automatically. THAT is priceless. Especially if you manage hundreds of sites and run campaigns ad nauseum.

Plus, I can let my “bookmarks” run through again and again, with more and more different users linking to them.  How great is that?  Like I said, there’s no work for me at all. Well, hardly any. There is a little. But very little. Once I put my pages into the system, I can go grab a drink while SocialAdr does the heavy lifting.

There is no way any system could make this easier for me. At least I have been unable to find one. Even outsourcing it isn’t as easy as this. When I look for services for my business, I want ‘done for me’.  I don’t want to have to mess around or learn some complicated thing all the time.  I want it to just work, and that’s what SocialAdr does.  It just works.

Check it out SocialAdr, you’ll be glad you did. And if you use my link to sign up, I’ll be able to have a coffee or a beer on you because they’ll credit me a few bucks for sending you their way. I’ll be sure to toast in your honor as well! 🙂

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