Snoopy brings a present …


… and I feel like such a heel. I just saw my cat Snoopy go up the back deck stairs so I thought he might like to come back inside. Got up to let him in the back door, and he comes trotting back down the stairs, turns the corner and he’s got a chipmunk in his mouth. <sigh>

I say to him: “I can’t let you in with that buddy. I appreciate the gesture, but it’s not coming inside.”

My hunter Snoopy

He meows with the thing in his mouth, with such a look on his face. We stand and stare at each other a minute. Me wishing I could let him in with it and make him happy, him thinking, “WTH? I caught this for you mom!”

So I closed the door on him and he stood there a little while longer then walked away back up the stairs to leave it on the deck instead.


Update: He’s come back down the stairs and decides to leave it at the back door before he comes in. Wise choice. Now I have to get rid of it before the dogs decide to eat it.


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