makeover …


I’ve been hard at work over the past several weeks, rewriting and adding content to my business website, I’ve also overhauled the design a bit making it a little cleaner and more fun to look at. It is a long ongoing process at the moment since I’ve done so much with the technology I use, the clients and projects that are part of RUWebby’s portfolio and the new developments and arenas I am getting into.

I added a new reseller this past week and current resellers are continuing to expand their businesses. I now use Basecamp to manage all client/reseller projects. It’s a fantastic lightweight application and I heartily recommend it for those of you who are a bit unorganized, but don’t need a huge solution.

I am hoping to wrap up the last of the content and design changes by the end of next month. Sooner if I can. Scheduling time in for your own business marketing is a bit tricky. 🙂


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