Programming again


Odds and ends: I’ve been getting back into updating blogs and websites. Trying to manage my time a bit more wisely, taking some time for myself instead of always getting immersed in client work and bogged down in the details. I’ve been programming again, diving into SQL and CF and CFC’s. It took a little while to shake the cobwebs out of the head, but it’s coming back fairly quickly. Now I schedule my time between programming, marketing, research, updates, phone calls, emails and me-time.

Speaking of me-time, a good friend from the UK is here to visit until the 19th. That will be great fun. Charles and I are hosting a social tonight to welcome them to the states and introduce them to our crowd.

Marketing News: Ed Dale, Dane Raine and the 30 Day Challenge crew have started up again. Got a surprise email in the inbox the other day and was glad to see it was still rolling along. Check them out over at: ThirtyDayChallenge


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