Postling's Potential


I spent a few 10 minute bundles this morning playing around with Postling to see if it was a usable service. There are definitely some features in here that I like, especial the "brand tracking". In fact, that might actually be the best feature of Postling.

I'm not so sure the web needs yet "another" all services in one application unless it quickly becomes the end-all, be-all application. To be honest, I don't see postling anywhere near that yet, although they are ahead of the game as far as this is the first service I've seen that actually let's you write a fully formatted and linked blog post that can be sent directly to whatever primary blog(s) you have.

I think Postling is just a little unpolished and needs to integrate with bookmarking services and several other top Social Media services to really start sprinting to the front of the line.

I still love for it's complete integration package and statistics. Ease of use ranks pretty high there too. If HootSuite added blog post capability and brand tracking, I'd be tickled pink.

Until then, the search for that perfect Social Media Marketing management tool continues. Anyone out there have any suggestions or have one they use that is just the "dogs bollocks" ? Let me know, I'd sure love to hear about it. I'd even let you guest post and write about it on my blog.


  1. Hi Erika, just few lines to ask: How is the search going? Which is best Postling or Hootsuite (near a year after)?

  2. Hi! I still love Hootsuite for managing the posting of actual content. Postling has evolved quite a lot over the past year, and matured nicely. It seems to monitor brand very well in an easy to use interface and at this point I’d say it would complement a Hootsuite account.


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