Norway’s 2010 Olympic Crazy Pants


I didn’t think I’d hear any more “pants” stories after the hubbub of General Larry Platt’s ditty from American Idol’s Season 9, “Pants on the Ground”, but I was wrong. That happens sometimes.

Today’s “pants” story comes to us from, of all places, Norway’s 2010 Olympic Curling Team. Yep. The Norwegian Curling Team has the news-lines buzzing and the morning TV shows laughing. Never mind how big the crowd is, or how many gold medals have been won. Never mind the news about China’s first gold medal in figure skating. Today, it’s all about pants. Crazy pants.

Norwegian 2010 Olympic Curling TeamApparently, Thomas Ulsrud and his curling teammates from Oslo thought that shopping at Loudmouth Golf was the hip and cool thing to do these days. After all, that’s where John Daly shops, so how could it be bad? The company refers to the trousers as “the first argyle pants for men in the world.”  Teammate Christoffer Svae was the driving force behind the final decision, saying “Hey guys — we’ve got to play in them. They’re cool. Come on, you’ll get used to them, you know?”

Norway has added pizzazz to an otherwise, staid, mostly misunderstood, wallflower sport. With their country cheering them on, and mixed reviews from other teams and spectators, the Norwegian Curling team has certainly brought curling into the limelight.

Whilst many people would think they were just clowning around in their red, white and blue argyle, they beat the American team, 6-5. Maybe the Americans were too busy being distracted by the swirling of colors before their eyes.

It did not stop the top-ranked Canadians however (go figure). Norway faced Canada on the first day of competition on Tuesday, losing a close game 7-6 in extra ends. Perhaps those Canadians are just too cool to be done in by crazy pants.



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