Need nutrients in a meal? Superfood to the rescue!


I really watch what we eat. We keep to fresh or frozen foods, eat as much fruit and vegetables as we can. Whole grains, garlic, ginger, good healthy root vegetables and green leafy things. We even get in 3 meals a day the majority of the time. I’m not a big snacker, so six meals a day, wow. Not sure I have the stamina for it let alone Charles. There’s also times when neither of us really feel like eating, and I haven’t found a really good product for a meal replacement yet. Or a great supplement to get all the nutrients that we need.

Well today a colleague posted about a Super Food Supplement I may have to give a shot. He mixes it with yogurt for a morning meal, and for me, that’s perfect. We’ve been drinking protein shakes as a breakfast replacement since during the week we rarely have time to stop for a full meal, but it doesn’t have all the rest of the nutrients I am looking for. My colleague’s find is called Performance Superfood by BioTest and you can read about it here: Superfood


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