Journalism Class: Media Meets the New Vols Offensive Coordinator


Tennessee VolsHappy winter out there in the Northern Hemisphere. I have not posted in AGES on this blog because I’ve been really busy managing the dozens of other sites we run for clients and various marketing purposes. I am also been busy trying to educate myself fulfill a bucket list item and have been admitted as an undergraduate at Harvard Extension School, in Cambridge, MA. One of the four classes I’m taking is News Reporting for the Web, Print, and Other Platforms by Professor Yaakov Katz. We do a LOT of writing. A lot. It’s tough love too, which I enjoy. The professor is awesome and he really pushes you to tighten your stories.

One of the assignments we had was to watch a press conference and write about it. At first I had a lot of trouble picking a niche. Then I saw some football news run through my Facebook feed, and one of the items was the announcement of the Tennessee Vols new offensive coordinator. My friend Chanel is a huge fan of the Vols, and I am a football fan, so the perfect opportunity arose. What follows is my assignment, Grade B, after edits from the professor. I will try to start posting more of my essays and stories as time permits. Enjoy!

The Media Meets the New Vols Offensive Coordinator

February 13, 2015. KNOXVILLE, Tenn. – Vols coach, Butch Jones, introduced his new offensive coordinator, Mike DeBord, Friday morning at his first official press conference.

After going through some spring football housekeeping and injuries, Jones talked about the work that went into the extensive, coast-to-coast search for the right coach to fill the open slot. Jones, who used to work for DeBord as an offensive coach, knew exactly what kind of talent he needed to fill the slot left open by former offensive coordinator, Mike Bajakian, who left for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

“I interviewed many, many, many qualified candidates,” Jones said at Neyland Stadium. “At the end of the day Mike DeBord was the right fit. I needed someone to come in and fix the problems. I needed someone that could be on the cutting edge of football.”

Even though the last time DeBord coached football was in 2012, he didn’t anticipate a learning curve. He had studied the game thoroughly over the past two years and said he felt prepared.
“My batteries are fully charged. It’s like riding a bike. You get back on and you start pedaling. Right now, I’m pedaling pretty fast,” DeBord said.

With management, NFL and recruitment experience, Jones knows that DeBord brings a depth of experience to the Vols, something that will be a boon to the team and the players.

He explained that he believed there was no need to make any big adjustments, and that the team was put together very well. He felt that he was very lucky to have been with one of the best offensive coaches in the NFL, Mike Holmgren, and that the 5 years he spent with the NFL was like being in a “free clinic”.

In response to working with Jones again, DeBord said, “We have a great relationship, we’ve been friends for a long time. It’s always been a great relationship. I look forward to taking on the challenge.”

DeBord reminisced about missing collegiate football during his time at the NFL. He longed to help college players become better students, men, and players, a component the pros did not need.

“I think I am the happiest I have ever been. I get to do what my passion is, and this is to be a football coach at the college level,” DeBord beamed.


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