The new iMaxi for your iPad


Several weeks ago on the day the iPad was announced, we (dalnet’s #coldfusion IRC channel) had a lively little discussion about it’s name and why a lot of us thought it was ridiculous. The alignment with other pads out there of the non-tech type and the jokes that would be made, were just too silly. How could Apple do that? Were there no females in that meeting the day they discussed potential product names?

One of the dissenters said, to paraphrase, that no, it was a good choice. That Apple did right by not just releasing another “tablet named” device, that the name made sense. OK. Whatever.

No, I’m sorry, but after all these weeks have passed, I still believe it’s a stupid name, and it will forever conjure up images of feminine hygiene for me. And apparently, those images haunted someone’s dreams, because lo and behold, we now have the first iMaxi. With Wings. <sigh>

From the creator’s mouth (er, website) to our ears:

“Introducing Hip Handmaids’ exclusive iMaxi—the only Apple iPad case made with protective wings! With its durable vinyl outer layer and plush, quilted-cotton sleeve, the iMaxi helps keep your iPad clean and dry. Plus, the iMaxi’s Velcro-latched, advanced wing design wraps snugly around your device, so your iPad always stays where it should.”

I have to admit, if they were going for this connection from the beginning, to add humor and a constant laugh track to be aligned with a several hundred dollar purchase, then kudos to Apple. They pulled it off nicely. I’m just glad the name didn’t rhyme with tampon.


  1. This story proves the point that sex sells and we are a completely hedonistic society!! Pad – dah pad of paper for writing, drawing, notes etc! What a world this has become!!


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