I love Dell


I’ve been buying Dells since 1999 when I bought my first server. I still have it and it still works. I’m very fond of it. 🙂 In 2003 I got a Dell Latitude C840. Nothing too special, just a workhorse to replace my desktop and keep me mobile. 2 Gigs of RAM, decent graphics and away I went. Made sure I kept the extended warranty on it too. Not only can I be a klutz, but obviously computers can decided to go pear shaped at any moment in time.

Fast forward 5 years, 1 LCD screen, 5 motherboards, 4 keyboards, a CPU, a hard drive, a complete new outer casing, a new LCD screen hinge assembly and palm rest replacement, and the C840 had finally had enough. Try as we might, no one could get it to speak anymore. So after much back and forthing with Dell Business Support, and a botched attempt by their repair facility to fix it, they shipped me a replacement!!!

I am the proud new owner of a Dell Latitude D830! And she is pretty! Surprisingly light and slim, bigger screen than the C840, DVD R+, 80gig HD, only 1 gig of memory (soon to be upped), XP Professional, and well, just a lovely workhorse of a laptop! I’m tickled pink. Now I have to find the time to load her up and get her back to work!

So those of you considering warranties on high ticket items like Laptops where an LCD screen can almost be the price of the laptop itself, get one. Not only will you have peace of mind, but if things really go wrong, the company is responsible for making it right. Of course all warranties (and their terms and conditons) will vary, but I know Dell’s is the best as far as I am concerned!


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