Homemade Pesto and Shrimp Pasta


Pesto Shrimp PastaA girlfriend just asked for the recipe I used earlier in the week to make that Pesto dish I posted pictures of, and since I took the time to type it all out, I figured I might as well post it for anyone else that is interested. There’s tons of Pesto recipes to be found on the ‘net, as well as quite a few Shrimp Pesto recipes … but this one I adapted to my own tastes.

Here’s the actual Pesto recipe I used. It’s one of those recipes/methods that sound so fantastic you just have to try it: 101Cookbooks.com Pesto

It takes a while and don’t be tempted to throw it in a food processor. The texture of it hand chopped is superb and well worth the work.

Then I just did a quick Shrimp saute of my own design:
1. 2 cloves of chopped garlic softened in about 3-4 tablespoons of olive oil over a medium high heat in a wok-style pan or saute pan.

2. Add about a 1/2 cup to 1 cup of wine to the garlic and olive oil (depending on how many Shrimp – I cooked a pound which was 26 Shrimp). Optional: 1 tablespoon of butter.

3. After that comes to an almost immediate simmer, add the peeled and de-veined Shrimp and arrange so they are all one layer.

4. Season with a bit of salt and pepper. I cook them on one side until the pink starts showing thru to the raw top. About 3 minutes on medium high.

5. Turn them all over, cook another 2 minutes. You really don’t want to overcook the Shrimp.

6. The Pesto recipe makes a lot. So now it’s up to your tastes. If you like a LOT of Pesto taste, add it all. But I think that is over the top. I added about half of what you saw me make in the pictures. I spooned it into the pan immediately after the 2 minutes was up and then flipped/stirred the Shrimp to coat them all in the Pesto then took it off the heat.

7. Of course during all this you had your preferred pasta cooking 🙂

So now you’ve got 2 ways to serve it.

a. Spoon the shrimp over your pasta on a plate/bowl
b. Add the pasta to the mixture in the pan and toss and coat it, then dish it.

The picture of the final dish you see in my pictures, I had spooned it over the pasta. Sometimes I toss it in the pan though.

Finish it all off for presentation with a basil leaf and fresh grated parmesan!

I hope you like it. The smell is HEAVENLY throughout the whole process. I’m so glad I grew some basil this year. By the time you are done with preparing and cooking it, you’re ravenous. 🙂


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