Golf Weather!


The weather is finally nice. Steady nice. Mid 70’s, sunny, breezy. The perfect weather for golf. Charles and I have a tournament this Friday up at our club, Butternut Creek in Blairsville. I have way too much work to do though, so I’ll have toHole 7 Par 4 Butternut Creek work late this week and over the weekend to make up for playing hooky. We played this past Sunday and for the first time, on hole #7, a par 4, I made it over the water and just off the green to the right. 214 yards. YES! I usually lay up as I don’t have the confidence in my driver, but the previous week, I used an 8 iron and sent the ball right into the water, twice. Ooops. So this time, Charles suggested I might as well give it a go, I had been swinging the club pretty good, so I went for it. Boy it feels great when you hit one good. 🙂

Work: I’ve been doing some research this week and today I’m off to take pictures of an auto body shop in Buford. I’m working on their online presence and they need some up close and personal photos for their website. It’s a gorgeous day here in North Georgia so the lighting should be great.

Tech News: For those of you out there that use ActivEdit as your WYSIWYG of choice to integrate into your website, the company that sold it, Zrinity, no longer sells it. The open source version is now available on their website. I’ve been working on upgrading the 3.0 version in my content management system over the past week and will hopefully be done by next week.

My site of the week: for the golfers out there! Been using it for quite a while and it’;s a pretty good resource for golf courses, playing tips and general golf news.



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