FREE Report: How To Instantly Double Your Tax Deductions


Another year has started (Happy New Year!) and another tax day is approaching.

What fun! I’ll bet you all can’t wait! 🙂

Well, I’m marketing again, but for a worthy cause. Your own pocketbooks and your own bank accounts. We all need to know how to make sure we file our tax returns without overpaying our fair share on April 15. I came across a great read the other day and thought I would share. You can download it right here at the end of this post. Some references to past tax years are abound in the document but I emailed the creator, Wayne M. Davies, and he said he has kept it updated and that he is available for any questions you may have.

“How To Instantly Double Your Deductions” (and slash your taxes to the bone!)

This report explains the easiest ways for any small business owner (including home-based and part-time businesses) to immediately and legally pay less tax now. Self-Employed people can certainly benefit from this report too!

Find out tax secrets that most accountants and CPA’s don’t even know about:

  • Commuting mileage is non-deductible, right? Not after you read how to convert commuting mileage to a legitimate business expense
  • How to get a $1,000 refund for a tax return you already filed
  • How to throw away your receipts and still take a deduction!
  • How to let the IRS pay for your kids’ summer camp
  • How to deduct your next vacation
  • New tax law has turned a small biz loophole into a crater!
  • What is the biggest mistake every small biz owner makes — and how to avoid it
  • Why the most important business decision you probably never made is the key to paying thousands less in taxes

Learn about those tips and more by downloading this free report right now. Right click on this link and save to your computer.


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