Get 100’s of Free Backlinks with SocialMonkee

Get Free Backlinks with SocialMonkee

Submit your content Every Day to 25 social bookmarking sites, all on unique C class IPs... FREE.What Is SocialMonkee?

Part of your Search Engine Optimization or SEO is backlinks.  These backlinks to your webpages are critical for two reasons. One, your webpages need the search engines to find them fast and crawl them regularly. This helps get your pages indexed much faster. The other reason is keywords that you use with your backlinks. These keywords are crucial to have your webpages rank high in the search engines.  No matter what, backlinks are the key to success.

Backlinks are not easy. The process is extremely boring and time consuming. One way to achieve this goal faster is to outsource and pay someone. This can eventually cost a lot of money.  SocialMonkee to the rescue! You can save money and receive great backlinks instantly. Every single day, twenty-five unique backlinks that are 100% FREE!

To make these backlinks unique they are on domains and separate C-Class IP addresses. Can you imagine having new and unique backlinks every day just by pushing a button? Twenty-five backlinks every single day of the week.  No more imagining! Time for reality!

Think about this for a moment. If you can have twenty-five backlinks that are unique every day at seven days a week that would be a total of one hundred and seventy five backlinks.  Now, what about monthly? The total now is seven hundred and fifty unique and free backlinks a month.

If you needed more backlinks, you can upgrade your SocialMonkee account too. By upgrading, you can receive 100 unique backlinks three times a day. That is around 2,100 unique backlinks a week or 9,000 unique backlinks a month!

You can get your Premium Account for FREE on SocialMonkee. How? Just refer twelve members and you will be upgraded automatically. You can also pay a one time low fee if you prefer not to refer anyone.

In the members area of SocialMonkee it only takes two minutes to submit a webpage. But, now there is a faster way! There is a Firefox plugin that SocialMonkee has created to let you send your webpage up to one hundred websites in just a couple clicks. Just by using Firefox, it is done. Quickly. Easily.

RSS feeds and link reports will be provided with your Premium Account. This will you keep track of how your backlinks are doing and help them to get indexed fast. Using RSS submitters is a critical step in your backlink building process.

So, why are you still reading this trying to decide? SocialMonkee is still free! Come join us today!

Submit your content Every Day to 25 social bookmarking sites, all on unique C class IPs... FREE.


  1. I like Social Monkee but it’ limited. It’s limited in the fact that you can only submit the same site or it’s web page once as they only have a total of 100 sites to submit to and don’t allow you to submit the same web page more than once. Now, if they had an unlimited amount of sites to submit your site to, this service would be better.


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