Checking out the New Alpha


I’ve had an invite for awhile now. Finally have a few spare moments to check it out. I’m very ashamed it’s taken this long, but it’s been a busy summer.

So far it looks great! I haven’t read anyone elses reviews on it, but I like it. I’ve always loved Digg though.

What I do not like, is having to verify my own feed the way they want me to, which is to post this verification key: 291a67d7aa5e4a4b825fafbc73c80c55 in a post that goes to the feed I’m trying to add. But ok. <shrugs>

Yeah they say you can delete it – but as many of you know, once submitted and pinged, then spidered, it’s up forever, somewhere. So I might as well wrap a post around it.

Problem is, it’s a bit late, I don’t want to spend all my precious minutes of time tonight writing up a decent blog post, so this one is getting cut short. My apologies. I promise to be back sooner than later with some good tidbits! 🙂

Be well!


  1. Hi Erika, I’m looking forward to trying it out. I received an alpha invite but have been unable to log in due to a technical hitch in migrating from the old Digg to the new Digg. Hope they sort it out soon!


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