The Buzz on Google Buzz is Growing!

Written by on February 16, 2010

Ok. Ok. Sorry about that headline. The one thing that grabbed me real quick about Google Buzz was it's name. I think it's "cute" and easily remembered, but also easily made fun of or fit into different tongue twisters, variations, jokes, etc, etc. So when I have the opportunity I simply cannot resist see how many ways I can buzz around with the name Buzz. For the record: I am scared of bees. That ...

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Google SMS!

Written by on November 1, 2008

Stop the presses! Another fabulous Google rollout. SMS text messages for free! At least for now. Read more here: Excerpt: Gmail's latest Labs experiment adds an option to send SMS textmessages to contacts from the Google Chat sidebar, at no cost and with replies arriving as new chat lines. Like other Labs...

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Gmail Tools, Tricks and Hacks

Written by on May 7, 2008

Was reading my Friendfeed email update today in between FTP'ing masses of files up to my servers, and came across this great blog post from Chris Nixon. It's only because he was following Robert Scoble, whom I was following that I found it in the first place. I no longer primarily use my Google Mail interface anymore, having moved back to Outlook, but I thought all you Gmail and Google Hosted peop...

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Favorite Artists on iGoogle

Written by on April 30, 2008

Web News: For those of you that use Google's iGoogle as their home page of choice, know that you can customize the themes and put your own splash of personality on it. Today, Google launched the beginning of letting users decorate their space with the works fromm over 70 reknowned artists from around the world. What I thought was really great, was that the artists were not paid, however, Google d...

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Google Calendar Sync

Written by on March 13, 2008

Thanks to Misty Khan I found out today that Google has a sync tool for their Calendar to play with Outlook's Calendar. That's fantastic! I get to marry the best of two worlds together. I love Google's Calendar app because of the ability to share it easily with my colleague's thru my Google Hosted account, plus the UI is just the nuts. But with using Outlook for emails and synching to my Phon...

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