The BIG Hootsuite news: Hootsuite University!

Hootsuite University

Hootsuite UniversityHootsuite just announced that they are opening up the Hootsuite Professional Program today on the back of their Team Collaboration Webinar held April 14, 2010 at 3PM EDT. Become Hoot Certified and learn how to use Hootsuite more efficiently along with overall Social Media tools and best practices.

It includes:

  • Hootsuite Training/Certification
  • Graduates added to a directory of “Hootsuite Certified Professionals” on
  • Hootsuite Training Modules focused on social media strategy using Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, WordPress, etc.
  • Video-based module with PDF transcript, audio, and action guides
  • Monthly webinar with a recognized Hootsuite user/brand sharing their case study using social media
  • Interactive members only forum to connect, share ideas, receive feedback on social media and Hootsuite questions

All participants of the webinar series can sign up and get an introductory price of $27 a month. After the series is over, the price changes to $47 a month.

I think this is a pretty awesome way for Hootsuite to not only monetize their existence, but to really offer some decent social media training to users at a fair price. Hootsuite says they won’t be releasing content until May 1st, and it will be interesting to see what they have to offer and if becoming “Hootsuite Certified” helps people out in the job market.



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