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I’ve been using Outlook since way way back in 1999. I’ve always loved it’s organizational feel and the ability to manage many email addresses. Of course I’ve lost PST’s along the way or crashed it a million times and I tried to switch to Thunderbird or another email client like Netscape, but the allure of Outlook never went away. Then, in January of 2007 I found Google Hosted and it was the answer to my prayers when it came to SPAM. My dedicated servers, whilst running Declude, just weren’t keeping up with the deluge of SPAM I received on a daily basis from the dozen plus accounts I had to manage. At the same time, I also went through a hard drive replacement and had to re-install Outlook.

When I switched the majority of my domains to Google, I was ecstatic over the difference. Hundreds of thousands of SPAM messages, poof! Gone! Funneled into Google’s SPAM folders, never to be seen again. I loved it. AND I got used to using the webbased “gmail” version of my inbox. Lots of great features, etc. I kept saying I would go back to Outlook, but I never quite got around to it. One thing or another cropped up. Notably keeping my work going to pay the bills. 🙂

Finally, over the past week, needing to organize my whole company and make sure I wasn’t forgetting about email accounts I only check on a weekly basis, I turned back to my beloved Outlook. At first I tried Microsoft Live Mail, which by the way is awesome. Microsoft’s replacement for Outlook Express is definitely a great tool for those only having one or two accounts. Me? I have over 20 now that I need to keep track of and that number is only going to grow. So after several hours of configuring and playing, I’m now running my IMAP and POP accounts in Outlook and whilst I really miss a few of the little Google features like grouping conversations and my fun little logo, I’m glad to be back.


  1. Thanks for the input. I mainly wanted to try my options to see what was available. Sadly I’m running a Windows server (not very stable) because I have yet to find a distro that will run without a kernel panic or something. I don’t have the time to fiddle with it as much as I would like.

    I managed to get a mail server running last night, but I’m sure if spam started running through it, the server would bite the dust. I think I’ll use the Google thing with a pop/imap client of some sort.

    It’s good to have some techy friends. haha. I’ll bookmark your blog and visit whenever I get a chance.


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