Attract Customers and Traffic with a Business Blog

Building a Business Blog for Customers

You might think that with all you have to do running your business you have no time to start and maintain a blog.  But what’s the most important thing to your business?  Customers!  Without them, you don’t have a business.  A blog can keep you in touch with your customers and attract new ones as effectively as the best advertising campaign.

Building a Business Blog for CustomersIf you’re unfamiliar with the word “blog” it is a combination of the word “web” and “log”.  It’s a way to share your thoughts and ideas as well as spread information.  In this case, you’re sharing with your customers and posting content that attracts people who will want to do business with you as they read what you have to say.  You don’t have to write down your family secrets, just share information that is interesting to the type of person your business attracts.

For instance, let’s say your business sells tshirts.  Your blog can inform people of the latest styles and trends.  You can publish articles about the ancient art of silk screening, give people ideas on how to personalize their tshirts and keep them up to date on the latest developments in manufacture and production.  You could even stage an entertaining stunt such as following a tshirt’s journey around the country or the world as people sign it and send it on its way.

These are just a few of the ways that you can inform and entertain with a blog.

Another advantage of blogging for your business is that it lets you establish a relationship with your readers.  Let’s face it, this is an impersonal world and people crave a sense of belonging.  Your readers can make a connection to you by reading your blog and feel they know a bit about you.  That personal connection will make them think of you before any other business when they need a product that you sell.

You don’t even have to write all the articles on your blog (but you should write most of them)!  Not all of us have the time to spend several hours or so a week writing new content for a blog post.  I don’t mind writing, in fact, I do enjoy it. But most weeks I do not have the time to churn out a post. Sometimes inspiration hits hard and the words just flow from my keyboard non-stop. Other times I am so wrapped up in a client deadline that my little inner muse takes a nap.

The solution? Hire a ghost writer for that content and work with them to research the exact topic you want to post about.  Voila!  With just a few minutes communication and the time it takes to edit and upload the finished piece to your blog, you’ve added fresh, quality content for your business.

Blogging is a very effective tool when you use it to publicize your business and with Google releasing its newest algorithm, Caffeine, the demand for fresh, current, relevant content is more important than ever.

Anyone looking up a subject you cover will see your content in the search results and visit your site.  This is one of the best types of advertising out there and costs you a minimum of time, effort and money.  So get out there and start blogging!



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