3 Crucial Steps to Doing Profitable Keyword Research


This was a post I did back on May of 2011 but NicheReaper V2 is launching next week and I wanted to call attention back to doing niche keyword research. With the demise of Google Keyword Tool, and the not so warmly welcomed Keyword Planner, keyword research has become a little more confusing than it used to be. I had to revamp this post heavily – as much of the original application is gone. Dust in the wind. It’s also a review of a tool I love to use when I do my own research.

As an Internet marketer, you already know the value of doing proper keyword research for your niche. This step is so critical in the initial stages of planning a campaign that if you don’t get it right it could make or break your entire campaign. Keywords are everything when it comes to marketing online. It’s how your customers will find you when they type certain phrases into their favorite search engine.

That’s why you need to know exactly what those phrases are that will bring you massive amounts of organic traffic day after day from the search engines you hold near and dear.  With time and effort, when you pick the right keywords for your online business, it becomes easier to market your products and services. That said, it is also important that you do not pick the wrong keywords or all of the hard work you’ve been putting into your business will be for naught. So it is time to really learn how to get your keyword research right.

This is not an in-depth primer, but it will get you started. Keyword research can be a daunting task and you may find that you’ll welcome the access to a great product like NicheReaper V2 when it opens up February 19th.


Here are the three great tips for finding profitable keywords.

1. Start Your Research

You need to take a broad keyword that represents the entirety of your niche and type it into a free keyword tool you like. I use WordTracker for this part. It’s no frills, but easy enough to use and the cost is nice: FREE.

What happens next is you’ll get a list of keywords that will be very relevant to the broad search term that you typed into the research tool. It will give you some really important data that you need to analyze. Some of the things you want to pay attention to are the number of searches a particular keyword phrase gets every month. you also want to pay attention to the amount of competition that particular search phrase has. Every tool gives you different data so you will need to interpret the different results to compile a complete picture.

2. Related Keyword Phrases

The next thing you want to do is take note of all of the phrases that seem to make the most sense to your niche and keep them off to the side for the time being. Not everything on this list will apply to your niche or phrase, and since the keyword research tools don’t know that they’ll just spit out all kinds of terms that they think are relevant but may not really work for you.

3. Analyze the Competition

Finally, we are now at the most important step of the entire process. We need to analyze the competition of the keyword phrases that we previously selected. This step is of major importance and you cannot mess this up or everything you do from here on out could end up being a complete waste of time. You don’t want to target terms that are too competitive for your budget and time and you will have failed in your mission before you have even begun.

The simplest way I can tell you as a way to assess the competition is you need to type each individual keyword phrase that you find interesting into Google and then search them while they are in quotes. You must do this for each phrase individually, as it will not work right if you try and do them all at the same time.

The main thing you are looking for is you want to see exactly how many competing webpages there are that are going after this particular phrase. You ideally only want to target phrases that have under 100,000 competing pages. But if you are a complete newbie then you’d be better off going after keywords with less than 50,000 competing pages as it will be easier for you to rank for these keywords. These are just broad suggestions and some experts love the chase of the higher competing terms. It will all come down to how comfortable you are with the work that will be involved.

Niche Reaper Keyword Research Done for You!Did any of that sound confusing or like too much work?
NicheReaper V2 to the rescue!

I can’t stress enough just how important this part of the process is to your success or failure with your online endeavors. You’d be much better off using a keyword tool like Niche Reaper since it does all of this for you automatically and prevents you from making mistakes on your own. If you want to have peace of mind then use Niche Reaper and know that you can relax because your online efforts will not fail.

I personally LOVE this product. I have used it successfully to not only build my own niches, but to help customers with their businesses as well. Matt Garrett and his team have done a GREAT job in putting together a  wonderful app at a reasonable price that helps marketers get their jobs done.

What exactly is Niche Reaper you Ask?

Niche Reaper is the internet marketers missing link. When Google took away a lot of our toys, research tools that we had already spent hours and hours learning to use properly, it seemed like the end of the world. Sure there’s tons of other keyword research options out there – but this was Google direct, and it gave us exactly what we needed. Well now NicheReaper is here to give us those results again, but with an even better interface. With more bells and whistles.

It’s exactly what you have been waiting for to reap the spoils of internet marketing.  With Niche Reaper – the keyword research is DONE FOR YOU!!! It’s an online, web based tool that searches, analyzes and sorts over 5,000 different keywords a day into color coded, scored columns.

You get valuable information including estimated traffic volume, overall monthly figures for each niche, available domains, average Facebook likes, number of videos that showed in results, and much, much more! When you score one of the Limited Memberships, you will be getting full training tutorial videos on how to put together highly profitable websites, blogs and Facebook Fan Pages. A sneak peek …



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