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Written by on February 23, 2010

I don’t have a lot to say today, because I’m going to let Danny Brown say it all. He posted a great ebook on his blog today about “simple” and some examples of where thinking, being, living, leading, being “simple” is better. I loved it. I hope you do too.

Danny Brown:

“Sometimes, as marketers and/or business owners, we over-complicate matters and offer so many facts on ideas and products that none of them stick. Sometimes, the simplest of ideas work.

This ebook is a collection of simple ideas that may work for you. Enjoy.”

Why Simple Works by Danny Brown

Why Simple Works by Danny Brown


  • 02-23-2010
    8:44 pm

    Danny Brown

    Ha! Well lookie here… Thank you so much for sharing with your readers, Erika, really appreciate it. Muchly :)


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